Liverpool University

Ph.D. Studentships at the Department of Computer Science

Applications are invited for PhD positions at the Department of Computer Science, the University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK. Only EU/UK residents are eligible to apply. For UK residents the Studentship covers fees and maintenance. For EU residents it covers fees only.

The studentship is available to start from October 2007, and its duration will be for 3 years.

The topic of research should be agreed with the potential supervisor. Potential supervisor can be identified by looking at Departmental Research Pages

These positions are funded (at the standard EPSRC rates) by the Department.

To apply, please send the following TWO different applications to corresponding TWO different addresses (by the same deadline; see below):

  1. Standard Application Form to become a PhD student in the Department of Computer Science in the standard way.
  2. See general details (addressed to all applicants, independently on this announcement) in the link
  3. The application should explicitly mention that the applicant wants to apply for the 2007 Departmental studentship (written on the upper part of title page and/or in the Funding section of Application Form)
  4. Section for Research Proposal can also mention the name of the supervisor (see below).
  5. Please, take care that the registration date of this application should be by the deadline mentioned below.
  6. The address where to submit the Standard Application Form (if not applying online) is

    The University of Liverpool, UK Student Recruitment Office (UKSRO), Postgraduate Recruitment Team, Student Services Centre, 150 Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, L69 3GD, U.K. Tel. 0151 794 5931/4199, Fax 0151 794 2060, e-mail:

  7. Application for the Departmental Studentship (Funding) should be send directly to Dr. Sazonov at the address below and by the same deadline. It should contain the following additional documentation (independently whether it was already attached to the Standard Application Form mentioned above):
  8. A brief cover letter of application to the Departmental studentships.
  9. Personal details (name, date of birth, nationality, full current address, tel. number(s), e-mail address),
  10. Up-to-date CV with education history (including A level marks) + list of two referees (name + complete address + phone + e-mail).
  11. Applicants should take care themselves that Recommendation letters in sealed envelopes (for referees not from the Department) signed by the referees should be either enclosed with the Standard Application form or sent directly to the address below. The deadline for Recommendation letters is the general deadline for the application below
  12. Official (up to date, for those who did not finish current study) exam transcripts. Current students of the Department of Computer Science of the University of Liverpool may present unofficial transcripts from the Spider System.
  13. Research proposal: up to 2 A4 pages consisting of
  14. scientific interests and detailed proposed research and motivations,
  15. proposed PhD supervisor (the list of potential supervisors can be found here; it is also useful to look at our research groups)
  16. this document must also have the proposed supervisor's signature or be approved by the supervisor by e-mail (same deadline as below); the applicants should take care themselves about this.
  17. Any published material or any other documents providing evidence of quality.
  18. This documentation of item 2 (sent to Dr. Sazonov) is unnecessary to attach to or include in the standard Application Form from item 1. It also may be submitted in electronic format. Please note that sending the Proper Application for the Departmental Studentship to the address below is important to clearly distinguish these applications from the numerous standard ones (sent to another address) and probably not related to the current announcement.

In any case we do invite all applicants to contact Heads of Research Groups or potential supervisors as soon as possible to discuss a suitable research plan.

Deadline: Both the Standard PhD Application Form and Application for the Departmental Studentship must be submitted by Monday, March 26, 2007.

Please note: submissions not approved by the potential supervisor will not be considered.

Further enquiries on application process (preferably after reading the details how to apply for PhD study in Computer Science Department) can be directed to: Vladimir Sazonov, e-mail: Queries on PhD study in the Department best to address to Departmental Director of Graduate Studies Michele Zito, e-mail: See also

The postal address:

Vladimir Sazonov
Department of Computer Science
University of Liverpool
Ashton Building,
Ashton Street
L69 3BX
United Kingdom