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7.   John Henderson: A Description of Common Law as a Moving Classification System, awarded 2006


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9.   Alison M. Chorley: Reasoning with Legal Cases Seen as Theory Construction, awarded 2007.


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11. David Bridson. Performance Evaluation of Document Layout Analysis. Awarded 2009. Replaced Apostolos Antonacopulos.


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14. Fahd Saud Nawwab. Agents with a Human Touch: Modeling of Human Rationality in Agent Systems. Awarded 2010. Joint with Paul Dunne.

15. Ross McFarlane. High-Performance Computing For Computational Biology Of The Heart. Awarded 2011. Joint with Irina Biktesheva


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18.  Martyn Lloyd Kelly. Modelling Emotions and Simulating their Effects on Social Interactions in Agent Systems. Awarded 2014. Replaced Peter McBurney. Joint with Katie Atkinson.


19. Luke Riley. Decentralised Coalition Formation Methods for Multi-Agent Systems. Maternity cover for Katie Atkinson, joint with Terry Payne. Awarded 2015.


20. Latifa Al-Abdulkarim. Representation of Case Law for Argumentative Reasoning. Awarded, 2017. Joint with Katie Atkinson.