COMP219: Advanced Artificial Intelligence (2020/2021)


Office Time

Every week, I will try to arrange a one-hour office time, but won't be a fixed time. So the following timeslot will be subject to change. However, please send an email to me to ensure my availability before coming.


Learning Outcomes



There will be 26-30 lectures. The lecture notes will appear here one week ahead of the lectures. Please use Canvas to access the lecture information.


Please follow the lab sessions available at Canvas for tutorial materials. In addition to the lab materials, you could follow the "Python Machine Learning" book. For the installation of tensorflow or other software package, it is recommended that you do this through virtual envionrments, which may be able to go around the user priviledge. See

Also, if needed, please install Jupyter Notebook. Please read its document to understand what it is.


There will be two project assignments, which will be disclosed in due course. Each coursework assignment takes 15% of the final mark.
The assignments will also be made available at Canvas.


For general game design and implementation, the following books are recommended: