EnnCore: End-to-End Conceptual Guarding of Neural Architectures (at Liverpool)

Funding Agency: EPSRC

Project Time: 2021 - 2024

  • Xiaowei Huang (Liverpool lead)
  • to be announced (postdoc)
External Collaborators
  • Lucas Cordeiro (Project PI, Manchester)
  • Gavin Brown (Co-I, Manchester)
  • Mikel Lujan (Co-I, Manchester)
  • Andrea Freitas (Co-I, Manchester)
  • Mustafa A. Mustafa (Co-I, Manchester)
  • How does Weight Correlation Affect theGeneralisation Ability of Deep Neural Networks?
    • Gaojie Jin, Xinping Yi, Liang Zhang, Lijun Zhang, Sven Schewe, Xiaowei Huang.
    • NeurIPS 2020.
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