Network Expertise


    Simulation and Testing

    Formal Proof

    User Validation

    Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems

    Hybrid Control Systems

    Human Robot Interaction

    Probabilistic Verification



Potential Applications:

    Safety Critical Systems

    Certification of Unmanned air vehicles

    Safe (and road-worthy) driverless cars

    Autonomous robotics in nuclear, chemical, and biological processes

    Human-robot teamwork, both in work and home contexts

    Deep underwater, deep space, and deep underground exploration

    Autonomous ocean surface monitoring and exploration

    Autonomous sensing and control in smart cities

    Trustworthy robotic assistants for home and health-care

    Robotic diagnosis, rehabilitation, or surgery

    Autonomous satellites handling sensing, monitoring, and communication

    Precision farming

    Robotic search, cleanup or rescue




    Legal Issues, Standards, and Certification


    Reliability and Robustness

    Robot Ethics

    Predictability  and Uncertainty

    Safety and Security

    Fault Tolerance