Department of Computer Science

Learning and Teaching Strategy


The Aims of the Departmental Learning and Teaching Strategy are:

  • to facilitate student achievement of the intended learning outcomes of their programmes of study as delineated in the programme specification.
  • regularly to review its undergraduate degree programmes in order to ensure that these remain relevant to students, employers, and professional bodies.
  • too provide teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels which is informed by the research and scholarship of the staff, and to develop curricula which reflect developments in the subject.
  • to prepare students for further study in a related field and for careers where the skills and techniques acquired through computing based degree are important.
  • to provide a range of degree programmes which reflect the diversity of Computer Science and its applications in such a manner as to maximise flexibility of student choice between programmes.
  • to recruit and retain appropriately qualified students able to benefit from the opportunities available at the University.

Board of Studies

The Board of Studies in Computer Science has overall responsibility for all aspects of the provision and assessment of undergraduate programmes in Computer Science.
The Chair of the Board of Studies is Prof. Paul Dunne.


The Department is committed to continual monitoring and improvement of the standard of its teaching provision. The primary mechanism for achieving this is through Module Reports, which are reviewed each semester by the Board of Studies.
This report provides:

  • a summary of responses to questionnaires completed by students towards the end of every module; and
  • a report form completed by the module coordinators after reviewing questionnaire responses.

Module coordinators may submit proposals for changes to the module specification which are considered by the Board of Studies.

Student input

Student feedback is sought through questionnaires relating to individual modules and each year of study, which students are encouraged to complete. These returns are considered by the Board of Studies and the Staff Student Liaison Committees and inform discussion on revision to module content, aims and learning outcomes, assessment regime.