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Eleni C. Akrida


University of Liverpool
Ashton Building, Ashton Street
Liverpool, Merseyside
L69 3BX

COMP213: Advanced Object-Oriented Programming

Module Information

COMP 213 is a second-year module that runs during the first semester, and covers advanced principles and techniques for object-oriented programming in Java. The course is taught by myself, with the assistance of Thomas Carroll, Idress Husien, and Benjamin Burger for the Lab sessions. The Lectures will start on Tuesday, 27th September 2016, and the Labs will start on Monday, 10 October 2016.

Lecture times:
Tuesdays 9-10am (Lecture Theatre room 101 - Electrical Engineering building)
Thursdays 10-11am (Lecture Theatre 3 - Life Sciences building)
Thursdays 1-2pm (Eleanor Rathbone Performance/Lecture Theatre - Eleanor Rathbone building)

Office hours:
Tuesdays 10-11am (Ashton building - room 3.14)

Lab times:
LAB/01 Mondays 12-1pm (Lab3 - George Holt building)
LAB/02 Mondays 1-2pm (Lab3 - George Holt building)
LAB/03 Tuesdays 11-12noon (Lab3 - George Holt building)
LAB/04 Tuesdays 12-1pm (Lab3 - George Holt building)

Recommended textbook:
Ralph Morelli. Object-Oriented Problem Solving: Java, Java, Java (2nd ed.). Prentice Hall, 2003.
Find it in the library. An e-version is available for free download here.

Examination Format

The overall grade for the module will come from two Practical Assignments and a written exam.
Each of the two practical assignments will account for 25% of the overall grade.
The written exam will account for the remaining 50% and will be of multiple choice format.

Teaching Resources

Material from the lectures (slides, code examples, etc.)

Assignment 1 - 1st assignment to be submitted by 14th November.
Assignment 2 - 2nd assignment to be submitted by 12th December.

Other useful Java Resources

Java API documentation

javadoc documentation

Java Code Conventions

Java Language Specification - The Definitive Guide to Java