Research activities

Editorial work

2023 - present: Co-Editor of the International Journal of Game Theory (IJGT)

2017 - Jan 2023: Associate Editor of the International Journal of Game Theory (IJGT)

Editor of Theory of Computing Systems (TOCS) special issue for SAGT 2016

Program committee membership

AAMAS 2023 (SPC); ICAIF 2022 (PC co-Chair); ICALP 2021; ICAIF 2021; AAMAS 2021 (SPC); WINE 2020; NeurIPS 2020; IJCAI 2020; ICAIF 2020; AAMAS 2019 (SPC); AAAI 2019; SODA 2018; AAMAS 2018 (SPC); EC 2017; SAGT 2017; SAGT 2016 (PC co-Chair); IJCAI 2016; AAMAS 2016; SAGT 2015; AAAI 2015; WINE 2014; EC 2014; AAAI 2014; EC 2013; IJCAI 2013; MFCS 2011.

PhD students


2022- Daniel Hampson; 2022- Federico Ottomano (second supervisor; Fede started in 2020); 2019- Antonia Tsili (second supervisor); 2018- Nestoras Chalkidis;


2017-2023 James Butterworth (second supervisor) [thesis]; 2017-2022 Jacopo Castellini (co-supervisor) [thesis]; 2016-2021 Tom Spooner [thesis]; 2016-2019 Greg Palmer (second supervisor) [thesis]; 2015-2019 Richard Klima (second supervisor) [thesis]; 2013-2018 Yifan Zhou (second supervisor); 2013-2018 Tobenna Peter Igwe [thesis]; 2012-2016 Argyrios Deligkas [thesis]; 2010-2014 Keren Dong [thesis].


2023-2025 Yongzhao Wang and Konstantinos Varsos (working on the ATI project: Automated Analysis of Strategic Interactions); 2022 Joe Jerome (working on J.P.Morgan AI Research Faculty Research Award); 2016 Argyrios Deligkas (now faculty at Royal Holloway, London); 2013-16 John Fearnley (now faculty at the University of Liverpool); 2012-14 Paul Devine; 2010 Hynek Mlnarik.

Grants / Funded Research Projects

2023-2025 The Alan Turing Institute (75% secondment) Automated Analysis of Strategic Interactions (co-PI: Ted Turocy)  
2023-2025 EPSRC (role: co-I) New Techniques for Resolving Boundary Problems in Total Search (PI: John Fearnley) £441,269
2022 The Alan Turing Institute AI Approaches for Partially Observable Adversarial Games £159,500
2022 J.P.Morgan AI Research Robust Trading via Multi-Agent Adversarial Reinforcement Learning $90,000
2021-2022 The Alan Turing Institute (role: co-I) Exploitation of Ciphers, Protocols and Anonymity Networks with Reinforcement Learning (PIs: Hicks and Mavroudis) £11,760
2020 Microsoft Research Multi-Agent Policy Gradients (Azure Compute Credits) $20,000
2015-2016 European Space Agency (role: co-PI) Game Theoretic Analysis of the Space Debris Removal Dilemma (co-PI: Karl Tuyls) €45,000
2013-2016 EPSRC Algorithms for Finding Approximate Nash Equilibria £276,828
2012-2014 ESRC Modelling Intraday Cash Liquidity £217,711
2006-2009 EPSRC Postdoc Fellowship Algorithms for Computing Equilibria in Games £183,222