Vladimir Sazonov

E-mail: V.Sazonov@csc.liv.ac.uk
Phone: (+44) (0)151 795-4270

Projects for MSc Students Supervised by V. Sazonov:

1. Implementation of reducibility process for a set-theoretical Delta-language.

2. Interface for Web-like Databases.

3. Demonstration tool for teaching and learning of bisimulation algorithm for semistructured databases.

4. Interface for Writing PSTRICKS Commands for Drawing Pictures in LaTeX.

5. Interface for Writing Logical Proofs in LaTeX.

(Note that this project is not logical. It is about formal and visual tree-structure of logical proofs rather than about their logical meaning and correctness.)

6. Computer based support for PhD (pre-)submissions.

These projects are described on a preliminary, however, sufficiently detailed level. Something may be changed during discussion, depending on a student's ambitions and abilities.