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Dr Vladimir Sazonov

E-mail: sazonov at
Phone: 795-4270
Location: Room 1.13

Research Projects

1R: Implementation of a reducibility process for a set-theoretical Delta-language.

2R: Interface for Web-like Databases.

Problem Solving Projects

3P: Demonstration tool for teaching and learning of bisimulation algorithm for semistructured databases.

4P: Interface for Writing Logical Proofs in LaTeX.

(Note that this project is not logical. It is about formal and visual tree-structure of logical proofs rather than about their logical meaning and correctness.)

5P: Interface for Writing PSTRICKS Commands for Drawing Pictures in LaTeX.

6P: Animated version of the lambda-calculus.

Development Projects

7D: Demonstration tool for teaching and learning of a graph generation procedure from set equations by using PSTRICKS.

8D: Computer based support for PhD (pre-)submissions.

Some references mentioned in these Projects may be found via my home page Dr Vladimir Sazonov (click to Papers and Publications there).