Patrick Totzke

Hey there! I am a theoretical computer scientist by day, based in sunny Liverpool.

Research Interests

I am interested in all things logics, automata, game theory and computer-aided verification. These days, I mostly focus on timed automata and (stochastic) games played on graphs, where we study the complexity of strategies.

Most of my published work is on infinite-state models and includes extensions of vector addition systems (aka. Petri nets) with data, pushdown stack, alternation or branching. I have worked extensively on variations of one-counter automata, which are finite state machines with access to a single integer variable. A list of my publications is available here and on the dblp.

Short Bio & Misc Info

Before joining Liverpool's Department of Computer science as a lecturer, I did postdocs at the LFCS in Edinburgh (2016-2018) and spend a year each at the University of Warwick (2015) and LaBRI in Bordeaux (2014). I hold a PhD from the University of Edinburgh and a diploma (Dipl. Inf.) from the University of Hamburg where I grew up.

In my spare time I attempt to play the trumpet and maintain a healthy appreciation of good whisky. I am overly passionate about free software. I have a ha-index of 80 and happily support the initiative.


17/12/2020 Funding success: I will be PI on a new EPSRC funded project on the cost of winning strategies!
16/12/2020 I'm on the PC of HIGHTLIGHTS'21
01/07/2020 I am attending INFINITY, HIGHTLIGHTS and Autoboz this year.
29/06/2020 Two papers accepted for publication at CONCUR, one at ICALP and one at MFCS this year.
06/08/2019 I'm on the PC of LICS'21
20/09/2019 I'm on the PC of FORMATS'20
22/08/2019 Together with Michele Zito I'll be organizing BCTCS'21 in Liverpool
07/04/2019 Invited lecture at BCTCS/AlgoUK'20
06/12/2018 I'm on the PC of RP'19