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Admin at UoL

  • I am undergraduate Admissions Tutor for Computer Science,
  • Member of the Science and Engineering Research Ethics Committee, and
  • Digital Assessment of Learning and Teaching (DALT) group member.

Academic Services

Workshop Organization

Journals: TCS, JCSS, LMCS

Conferences: MEMICS’11, FoSSaCS’15, LICS’15, RP’15, SOFSEM’15, ICALP’16, MFCS’16, RP’16, TCS’16, FSTTCS’17, ICALP’17, DLT’18, GandALF’18, ICALP’18, LATIN’18, MFCS’18, RP’18, ATVA’19, GandALF’19, ICALP’19, JCSS’19, LICS’19, RP’19, CiE’20, FI’20, FORMATS’20, FSTTCS’20, ICALP’20, MFCS’20, RP’20, STACS’20, CSL’21, FoSSaCS’21, LICS’21, STACS’21 .