Curent and past teaching activities.


I teach COMP122, UoL’s intro to object oriented programming. This is a compulsory first year module for all our computer science degree programmes and also attracts the odd visiting student or people from other schools. In 2023 we had 360 students on the module. Content-wise the module is structured into three blocks:

  1. Imperative programming in Java,
  2. OOP key concepts and
  3. Design Patterns.

On the way we look left and right for common practices such as version control, doc and build tools and unit testing. This module is very much hands on and students typically spend most of their time in TA-supported programming labs where they solve programming exercises. Below are some impressions of what we do in these labs and preparatory concept videos. Nowadays, all assignment and lab exercises use CodeGrade to generate automated feedback quickly.


Concept Videos

Past Teaching

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