COMP222: Principles of Computer Game Design and Implementation


Office Time


Learning Outcomes


There will be 26-30 lectures. The lecture notes will appear here one week ahead of the lectures.


  • tutorial1
  • tutorial2
  • tutorial3
  • tutorial4
  • Assignments:

    There will be two project assignments, which will be disclosed in due course. Each coursework assignment takes 10% of the final mark.


    For general game design and implementation, the following books are recommended: For the implementation using jMonkey, please refer to the following books:
  • COMP 222 2018-19
  • Past Exams:

  • Exam2014 with Solution2014
  • Exam2015 with Solution2015
  • Exam2016 with Solution2016
  • Exam2017 with Solution2017
  • Exam2018 with Solution2018

  • Acknowledgement: Most of the materials are inherited from Prof. Boris Konev